Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA)


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Actor type: Civil society (think tank, NGO, unaffiliated researcher, non-profit or charity)

Subject tag: Disinformation and misinformation | Geopolitics | Government transparency | Public Policy | Research

Region: Europe

The StratCom Program housed at CEPA is “an innovative, on-the-ground effort to monitor, collate, analyze, rebut and expose Russian disinformation in Central and Eastern Europe.” The program seeks to create analytical toolkits for countering disinformation, host workshops, monitor the effectiveness of Russian propaganda, provide data on ongoing efforts, and provide policy guidance. CEPA also coordinates #DisinfoNet, a coalition of think tanks and organizations working to understand and combat Russia’s information operations.
[This entry was sourced from the Carnegie Endowment’s Partnership for Countering Influence Operations and its baseline datasets initiative with minor edits. You can find more information here:]