Integrity Institute


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Actor type: Civil society (think tank, NGO, unaffiliated researcher, non-profit or charity)

Subject tag: Algorithmic systems | Data Access | Disinformation and misinformation | Elections integrity | Privacy and data protection

The Integrity Institute is a 501(c)(3) think tank powered by a community of integrity professionals: tech workers with experience in integrity roles — roles dedicated to fixing harms to people and society within social internet platforms.

As of April 2023, the Institute cultivates a rapidly growing community of 200+ integrity professionals with experience on trust and safety, product, integrity, and quality teams across 40+ social internet platforms – including Facebook, YouTube, Google, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Discord, WhatsApp, Roblox, Quora, and Clubhouse.

Institute members have observed, and many have helped build, the architecture of the social internet. They have direct experience tackling spam, hoaxes, harassment, hate speech, disinformation and more. They understand the systemic causes of problems on the social internet and how to mitigate or avoid them. They have seen (and built!) successful and unsuccessful solutions, and can tell the difference. The Integrity Institute is committed to sharing member expertise directly to the people theorizing, building, and governing the social internet, so that the social internet can help individuals, societies, and democracies thrive.