Ukraine Crisis Media Center (UCMC)


Website/link: Visit website

Actor type: Civil society (think tank, NGO, unaffiliated researcher, non-profit or charity)

Subject tag: Disinformation and misinformation | Public Policy | Research | Terrorism and violent extremism

Country: Ukraine

Region: Europe

UCMC is dedicated to defending Ukraine’s sovereignty in the face of Russian influence and serving as a hub for strategic communications within the country. UCMC houses a Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group that convenes experts to provide research and analysis in support of the Ukrainian government’s efforts to counter Russian influence, and the organization has also developed a program on Strategic Communication to reassert control over the information space. UCMC is part of the Center for European Policy Analysis’s #DisinfoNet.
[This entry was sourced from the Carnegie Endowment’s Partnership for Countering Influence Operations and its baseline datasets initiative with minor edits. You can find more information here:]