Athens Democracy Forum 2023



Where: Athens

September 27-29, 2023

Subject tag: Algorithmic systems | Disinformation and misinformation | Government transparency

The Athens Democracy Forum has tracked the plight of liberal democracy for more than a decade now, seeking for ways to defend and perpetuate the ideal of rule by and for the people. What we have learned is that however disheartening the state of global governance might seem, democracy never fails to demonstrate a remarkable resiliency.

A courageous nation and its supporters in the free world have not let Russia extinguish Ukraine’s longing for democracy. People continue to risk beatings and prison to protest injustice in Iran. Wealthy nations are finally considering ways to compensate the most vulnerable nations for the disproportionate toll they are taking from climate change. And all over the world, citizens’ groups are driving new forms of democratic expression. Collectively, these kinds of developments are cause for cautious optimism that better times lie ahead.

Do we dare to hope?

That is the question that the Athens Democracy Forum will address when it convenes in the Greek capital September 27 to 29. Speakers and panels will explore the great and fateful clash over the future of democratic rule and fundamental freedoms, and the dangerous ideological and political fissures that have opened the world over. Politicians and policymakers, academics and activists, veterans and youth will be challenged to advance concrete solutions and programs.