RightsCon 2022: Beyond content moderation: ensuring digital platform transparency measures address global needs


Website/link: https://www.cigionline.org/events/rightscon-session-beyond-content-moderation-ensuring-transparency-measures-address-global-challenges/

June 9, 2022

Subject tag: Advertising | Algorithmic systems | Disinformation and misinformation | Platform transparency | Privacy and data protection | Terrorism and violent extremism

Democratic governments’ and digital platforms’ continued focus on moderating content as a primary means to address online harms risks both minimizing digital platforms’ role in promoting content and strengthens totalitarian governments’ efforts to limit democratic and free thought online. This has resulted in a focus on digital platform transparency that is largely directed at tracking bad actors and the spread of malign content rather than on the digital platforms’ role, both via their algorithms and the companies’ application of content management rules.

This session will aim to refocus the conversation through a set of open dialogues with RightsCon attendees. It will recognize the importance of creating opportunities for civil society, the Global South, and marginalized communities to meaningfully engage in global conversations about transparency that are currently under way and to avoid the impact of decisions being made in individual states that affect the digital world. Each conversation will be led by an expert involved in these global discussion spaces, including the Action Coalition on Meaningful Transparency (ACT), the Christchurch Call and the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism’s (GIFTC’s) Transparency Working Group.