What goes into preparing a tech transparency report?


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April 26, 2023

Subject tag: Data Access | Government transparency | Privacy and data protection

Sometimes, it’s easy to assume that preparing a transparency report is as simple as exporting data from existing systems and then publishing it. But the process of preparing a transparency report is frequently much more manual. This presents barriers to transparency that need to be understood, especially as various regulators move toward enforcing transparency report obligations and preparing templates and other guidance materials.

We believe a range of audiences across the ACT and beyond would benefit from hearing from companies and regulators about what is involved in preparing a transparency report. We have also heard from new companies that they would appreciate hearing about other companies’ approaches to such reports.

In this session, we’ll aim to improve understanding of barriers to transparency, as well as touching on ways of mitigating those barriers. The discussion will be informed by a new discussion paper from the ACT on categorising barriers to transparency.

Sharing the process for preparing transparency reports may also help civil society and external parties to point to areas of potential improvement, or to better critically assess the reports that companies produce. This will be important as various stakeholders prepare for implementation of articles 15, 24, and 42 of the Digital Services Act in particular.