A multi-dimensional approach to disinformation – Report of the independent High Level Group on fake news and online disinformation


Website/link: https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/library/final-report-high-level-expert-group-fake-news-and-online-disinformation

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Published date: March 12, 2018

Region: Europe

Legislation status: Policy proposal

Subject tag: Algorithmic systems | Data Access | Privacy and data protection

Share privacy respecting data about platform systems for independent inquiries, audits and research into activities reliant on proprietary media and data infrastructures. Develop a network of independent interdisciplinary European Centres for (academic) research on disinformation including research on problems of disinformation and for evaluating the efficiency, effectiveness and appropriateness of responses deployed. The role of such Centres should be to manage interdisciplinary research projects aimed at (a) continually monitoring the scale, technologies, tools, precise nature and (potential) impact of disinformation in society (b) assessing the veracity of factual claims underpinning news and information across areas of general interest (public affairs and politics, health, science, education, finance, etc.); (c) identifying and mapping disinformation sources and mechanisms that contribute to their digital amplification; (d) providing a safe space for accessing and analysing platforms’ data and for a better understanding of the functioning of their algorithms, (e) contributing to the development of fair, objective and reliable source transparency indicators ; (f) sharing knowledge with news media and platforms to enhance public awareness about disinformation
[This entry was sourced with minor edits from the Carnegie Endowment’s Partnership for Countering Influence Operations and its baseline datasets initiative. You can find more information here: https://ceip.knack.com/pcio-baseline-datasets]