Combatting Digital Disinformation: An Evaluation of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Disinformation Strategy

Research report


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Published date: October 1, 2020

Author: Amy O'Hara and Jodi Nelson

Subject tag: Data Access | Disinformation and misinformation

Evaluation of Hewlett Disinformation Portfolio. Highlights key barriers to data-sharing and research. Some key takeaways included: SS1 challenged many assumptions about the obstacles preventing social media companies from sharing data with researchers. Data access remains a central obstacle to certain types of research. Computational social scientists who rely on large data sets directly from platform companies cite the lack of sufficient, consistent access to platform user data as the central obstacle to increased knowledge.
[This entry was sourced with minor edits from the Carnegie Endowment’s Partnership for Countering Influence Operations and its baseline datasets initiative. You can find more information here:]