Devouring the DSA: Platform regulation between North and South

In the first half of the 20th century, Brazilian artists founded an “anthropophagic” cultural movement, which proposed devouring and digesting foreign references and, in the process, developing practices anchored in the Brazilian reality. The project “Devouring the DSA – Platform regulation between North and South” is based on this same logic, starting with interviews with non-European and non-US experts on the impact of European legislation and its precepts around the globe, especially in countries like Brazil. At the moment, you can check out the interview with Agustina Del Campo, director of the Center for Studies on Freedom of Expression (CELE), on access to data by researchers, a theme that is present in article 40 of the DSA, and also in PL 2630, the Brazilian platform regulation project, and the interview with Tom Barraclough, the director of Brainbox, on independent audits and their relevance when applying new laws that seek to regulate digital platforms.