Kofi Annan Foundation: Protecting Electoral Integrity in the Digital Age


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Published date: January 1, 2020

Author: Kofi Annan Commission on Elections and Democracy in the Digital Age

Subject tag: Advertising | Disinformation and misinformation | Terrorism and violent extremism

Public authorities must compel major Internet platforms to provide independent parties with meaningful data about the impact social media has on democracy. In particular, platforms must: • Share secure, privacy-protected data with certified academic institutions to examine issues such as: auditing algorithms for bias towards extremism, understanding the effect of social media on political polarization and information consumption, and disentangling the relationship between online hate speech and offline violence.
[This entry was sourced with minor edits from the Carnegie Endowment’s Partnership for Countering Influence Operations and its baseline datasets initiative. You can find more information here: https://ceip.knack.com/pcio-baseline-datasets]