Tech Against Terrorism – Knowledge Sharing Platform

Best practice guide


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Published date: June 1, 2020

Region: Global

Subject tag: Terrorism and violent extremism

The Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP) is a platform developed by Tech Against Terrorism to provide smaller tech companies with a collection of interactive tools and resources designed to support their operational and policy-oriented efforts with regard to developing and implementing an effective and human rights compliant counterterrorism response. The KSP includes a section dedicated to transparency reporting, including:
– A Transparency Reporting Benchmarking Table, which highlights how various platforms, ranging from messaging to content storage and social media, have established and organised their transparency reports.
– Key Recommendations for Transparency Reporting, highlighting specific criteria for improving a platform’s transparency efforts as well as general accountability towards its users.
– A “Transparency Report Menu”, which is meant as a toolkit for tech platforms to build their own reports.
A Glossary for Transparency and Accountability, outlining key terms such as transparency, accountability, as well as components of transparency reports that are referred to widely in this section.